How to get to the Chiamma Ling Center in Wilga near Warsaw?

By bus from Warsaw

You can check here current schedule of buses from Warsaw to Wilga.

Some buses stop in center of village Wilga. It is 1,5 hour walk from our center. Better option is to find bus from Warsaw to Wilga ośrodki wczasowe (Wilga – Holiday Centres).

You get off after about 1,5 hour journey at a bus stop „Wilga - Ośrodki Wczasowe” (Wilga – Holiday Centres). Then You turn right and go along Hubert Avenue (15 minutes walk) until you see the Centre with dharma wheel (Hubert Avenue 4).

Some buses start from Eastern Station (Dworzec Wschodni) in Warsaw. You can check transpor from Central Station (Dworzec Centralny) to Eastern Station (Dworzec Wschodni) here.


Bus stop Eastern Station Dworzec Wschodni (street Lubelska 1):


By taxi

Call +48 22 333 4444 (price from Warsaw to Wilga should be around 90 euro per car).


By car

From Warsaw you take the road to Puławy, after about an hour (60 kilometers) you pass first crossroad (Wilga on the right, Garwolin on the left), then second crossroad (Wilga on the right, holiday centres on the left) and continue about 1,5 km up to the place marked on the map. There you turn left after a „parking” road sign into the forest road. After 200 meters you will see the centre.

Another possibility: at the second crossroad (Wilga on the right, holiday centres 
on the left) turn left and after about 1,5 km turn right into a forest road – it is Hubert 
Avenue – after 500 meters you will see the Center.



The European Centre of Yungdrung Bon
address: 08-470 Wilga, Huberta Avenue 4

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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