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Wilga, Cziamma Ling

Alejandro Chaoul Reich will be teaching Part 2 of the Tibetan Bon Yoga (Trul Khor) training in Poland from 22-24 of August 2016. This second retreat is part of a training that will be part of an intermediate certificate in Part 3 next year, and then further training in the following years. This is also the last chance to take part in this cycle, since next year will be available ONLY for those who have taken Part 2.


Tibetan Trul Khor Yoga

The exercises are good for your body, enregy, mind and soul. Take a moment and think how you feel, when after a longer period of being inactive you go for a run or a long walk. Before you had mood swings, were stressed and sleepy. After exercising not only will you feel better physically,but you will also feel the energy flowing freely, your mind being clearer and you feel cheered up.
Trul Khor (tibetan yoga) energetic exercises cause similar effects. However Trul Khor was created mainly to obtain subtle effects in the sphere of energy and the mind.
To be more precise, Trul Khor exercises are extremely helpful in meditation practice, they are the key to a clearer and more stable being in the Natural State of mind. By integrating energetic physical exercises with concentration and awareness of breath we are unlocking and opening prana flow in certain body parts.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocze

Alejandro Chaoul-Reich

Dr Alejandro Chaoul Reich is Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche's apprentice. He has also studied with many Bon and Buddhist masters. He has been deeply involved in meditation and spiritual growth for more than 25 years including Tibetan Yoga practice and Indian Yoga as well. He is a master of religious studies and has a Ph.D. in tibetan religions from Rice University in Houston. His PhD theseis was in the field of Tibetan Trul Khor Yoga and the possibilities of its usage in medical treatment
He is currently working as professor's assistant in John P. McGovern Center for Health and he is a lecturer at University of Texas Medical School in Houston, and is conducting research on therapeutical use of tibetan yoga in oncology treatments under M.D. Andreson Cancer Center. The programme has already recieved significantly big grants from American governemt to alow the studies to be continued.
He is the author of numerous scientific publications concerning the research on the use of Tibetan Yoga in oncological therapy and integration of this system with western medicine methods. He is also the directior of The Institute of Religion at The Texas Medical Center in Texas and is leading Ligminca Institute in Houston.
Dr Chaoul has been visiting Poland since 2005 teaching different techniques of tibetan yoga. 


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Suggested donation for teachings is 75 PLN per day (full course 225 PLN)
Registration for accommodation and meals in the Chamma Ling: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suggested donation for meals is 40 PLN per day (three meals).
Suggested donation for accommodation (per night) include:
Big house – 40PLN (=10 euros), Little House – 30PLN (=8 euros), Dormitory ‘Przychodnia’ - 25 PLN (=6 euros) (three rooms with two places, and room 9 with beds), Old Gompa – 15PLN (=4 euros, Dormitory - 20 places - you have to bring your sleeping bag and sleeping mat), Tent - 15 PLN (=4 euros) per person.

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