We invite you to a meditation retreat dedicated to the Phowa practice (A-tri cycle). The retreat is designed for both practicing Buddhists and for beginners.

Phowa is a meditation practice originating from Tibetan Bon Buddhism Tradition and it consists of the transfer of awareness at the moment of one’s own death. Obtaining knowledge on the process of dying and regular phowa practice serve to prepare us for the process of passing away. A good practitioner may have no fear of death since they know what is going to happen and is well-prepared for that. The practice of phowa allows us to consciously manage the mind at the moment of one’s own death which helps us to make the best out of this process and achieve spiritual realisation.


The retreat will continue for seven days. Nyima Woser Rinpoche will provide explanations regarding the practice itself, but he will also deliver teachings on the process of dying.
Taking part in the entire programme is of crucial importance. No partial participation is possible (fewer than 7 days).

The retreat will start on July 9, 2018 at 10 am and it will conclude on July 15, 2018, at approx. 2 pm.
Suggested donation for participation in the retreat: PLN 525 (EUR 130)

You need to register:


ONLY registered participants will get access to audio recordings.

Donations will be gathered prior the event in Chamma Ling reception. 


Address: Chamma Ling, Al. Huberta 4, Wilga, Poland

Clik to know: how to get there?

Registration for accommodation in the Chamma Ling: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Suggested donation for accommodation (per night):
Big house – PLN 40 (EUR 10), Little House – PLN 30 (EUR 8), Dormitory ‘Przychodnia’ - PLN 25 (EUR 6) (three rooms with two beds, and one room with 9 beds), Old Gompa – PLN 15 (EUR 4, Dormitory - 20 places - you have to bring your sleeping bag and sleeping mat), Tent - PLN 15 (EUR 4) per person.

Program of retreat:


First day 9th July (the first day Rinpoche will give: transmission of A-tri Ngondro, Powa and Introduction to the nature of mind)
10-11.30 teachings
12-1 pm teachings
1-3 pm lunch
3-4.30 teachings
5-6 practice
6-8 dinner
8-9 practice


Second day to Sixth day (10-14th July)
7-8 practice
8-10 breakfast
10-10.30 teachings
11.30-12.30 practice
12.30-3 pm lunch
3-3.30 teachings and questions
4.30-5.30 practice
5.30-7.30 dinner
7.30-8.30 practice


Seventh day (15th July)
7-8 practice
8-10 breakfast
10-10.30 teachings
11.30-12.30 practice
1-2 pm - Closing ceremony


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