Retreat is canceled.

We will give a new date later.


Special events with Sherab Tenzin Rinpoche
1-17 May 2020, Wilga, Poland

1 May – healing and purification group rituals (open to all participants)
Program: 10-12 am, 2-4, 5-6.30 pm

2-3 May – Teachings and empowerment of Walchen Geko (open to all).
Program: 10-12 am, 2-4, 5-6.30 pm

4-17 May – two weeks of practice of Sey-khar Zhiwa (the peaceful form of Zhang Zhung Meri).
(The course is open to all, including new practitioners, yet one should be prepared for an intensive practice. It is possible to participate in one-week period (4-10 May) or in the entire retreat (4-17 May). Participation on selected or only several days is not possible).

You do not need to take part in the initiation Walchen Geko (2-3 May) to take part in the course of 4-17 May.

At the beginning of the course (May 4) an initiation of Zhang Zhung Meri will take place - only for people who take part in the first week of the course (4-10 May) or full course (4-17 May).

Sey-khar Zhiwa is the Buddha in the form of Sambhogakaya in Zhang Zhung Meri cycle practice. This deity has one head and two arms, seated posture, yellowish white color of body. By practicing this specific Yidam one can clear the unbalanced energy of their three doors (body, speech and mind) and achieve many positive qualities or energy.

We plan to do next year a wrathful form of this deity (Zhang Zhung Meri). The course will be available only to people who will take part in this year's course.

Program 4-17 May:
8-9 – Sangsol chopa (smoke offering) ritual
9-10 – Breakfast
10-12 – Main practice of the Yidam (especially mantra recitation)
12-1 pm – Lunch break
1-2 – Individual meditation or rest
2-4 – Tsog offering and protector praying ritual
4-5 – Break
5-6.30 – Yidam mantra recitation practice
6.30 – Dinner
(We will finish retreat 17th May around 1 p.m.)

Additional Information:
1) Consumption of eggs, onion, garlic, fish, chicken and pork is not allowed during the retreat.
2) Retreat participants should not leave the premises of the centre during the retreat, and in their free time they should focus on the practice and mantra recitations.

Biography of Sherab Tenzin Rinpoche is here.

More information about practices of peacful and wrathful yidams - here.


Practical information:

Address: Chamma Ling, Al. Huberta 4, 08-470 Wilga, Poland Clik to know: how to get there

Suggested donation:
1 May PLN75 (EUR 20)
2-3 May PLN150 (EUR 40)
4-17 May First week PLN 500 (EUR 125), two weeks PLN 900 (EUR 225)

Registration for accommodation in the Chamma Ling: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suggested donation for accommodation (per night):
Big house – PLN 40 (EUR 10), Little House – PLN 30 (EUR 8), Dormitory ‘Przychodnia’ - PLN 25 (EUR 6) (three rooms with two beds, and one room with 9 beds), Old Gompa – PLN 15 (EUR 4, Dormitory 20 places - you have to bring your sleeping bag and sleeping mat), Tent - PLN 15 (EUR 4) per person. 

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