Online Red Garuda Retreat
With John Jackson
16-17th May 2020

The Red Garuda - Powerful Wings of the Heart
Mythologies throughout the world recount the story of the eagle-man, the one who transcends and rises above mundane existence to connect with the wisdom of the spacious, luminous sky. From the western Himalayas, across India, to the Mongolian plains, to the Indonesian archipelago, the Garuda represents this transcendent quality present in all humans, that which empowers and removes all obstacles to our spiritual development, dissolving fear and filling practitioners with confidence and courage to face life’s challenges. The Red Garuda is especially known as a healing practice for emotional and physical problems, both for ourselves and others, for the fiery strength of enlightened energy quickly burns away all obstacles. It also is known for its ability to protect from and heal illness, and resolve issues related to disturbances of the nagas. Please join us for this weekend and connect with the power, strength, and courageous wisdom that lie within your innermost being.

Here's a short film in which John presents this course - link.

Program 16-17th May 2020:
1-2.15 pm (Warsaw time)
2.45-3.45 pm (Warsaw time)
5.30-6.45 pm (Warsaw time)
7.15-8.15 pm (Warsaw time)

Language: Teachings will be in English, with Polish translation.

John Jackson was the director of the Chamma Ling solitary retreat center in the Sangre de Christo mountains of Colorado for 17 years, and co-leader of the Three Doors European Academy. He has traveled throughout the world on sacred pilgrimage and retreat, studied with many great Tibetan masters in Nepal, India and Tibet, and has been teaching at Ligmincha Institute’s related centers across Europe and the Americas since 2001. His warm and deeply personal teaching style opens the doors to the wisdom that has always been in our hearts.

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Participants can choose from the below options according their's financial abilities.



Our account for bank transfer:

Ligmincha Polska, Hubert Avenue 4, 08-470 Wilga

PL77 1240 5963 1111 0000 4796 7584
(the Swift code: PKOPPLPW)


It is also possible to take part in the course without a donation, but our association is maintained by donations, so please be generous as much as you can.


Retreat will take place via Zoom.
If you don’t have Zoom, you can download and install it for free from 


After registering, prior to the event, you will get link to the online course and texts for the practice.

You can sign up for a course until Saturday at 12 noon.

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