The Five Elements Part 1
Online meditation course
13-14 March 2021

There are many teachings in Tibetan Buddhism about the five elements (space, wind, fire, water and earth). These five elements not only make up the external world, but also our body: earth is our muscles and bones, water is our blood, fire is our body heat, wind is our breath, space is our body space.

We may not be aware of it, but our body and psyche are very much linked to the functioning of the five elements. People who live in places where there are mountains tend to be more stable. People who live by water tend to be more relaxed. The qualities of the five elements are:
Earth: stability and groundedness;
Water: gentleness, comfort, convenience;
Fire: energy, creativity;
Wind: changeability, freedom;
Space: openness, acceptance.

The March 13-14 course is part one. On this course we will learn how to identify which elements are missing or out of balance in our lives, and we will learn simple methods (chanting syllables and visualisation) to help us strengthen and harmonise our elements.

Part 2 is planned for July 2021 and Part 3 is planned for November 2021. In Part 2 of the course we will learn practices with the Dakini of Space (connecting the five elements) and in Part 3 we will learn practices with the Five Dakinis of the Elements (and their individual mantras).

You can read more about these practices in the book: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche "Healing with Form, Energy and Light".

Language: teachings in Polish and English.

Programme 13 and 14 March (Central European Time):
15-16 Teachings and practice
16.30-17.30 Teachings and practice
18-19 Teachings and practice

Teacher: Jacek Trzebuniak (instructor of Ligmincha Poland). More about him here.

Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The course will be held through the Zoom program. Exact information on how to install Zoom and a meeting number will be sent to those who sign up for the course.

Suggested donation: 100 PLN or 25 euro
(to the bank account:

Ligmincha Polska, Al. Huberta 4, 08-470 Wilga
77 1240 5963 1111 0000 4796 7584
The Swift code: PKOPPLPW

with a note "Donation for the 5 Elements course").

You can also send money by paypal

Those who cannot afford a donation of 100 PLN can donate a smaller amount.

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