Blue Dzambala Online Retreat
Deity of Prosperity and Wealth

Conducted by Geshe Yungdrung Gyatso
27-28 March 2021

Dzambala is an important deity in the Bon tradition, and is considered a deity of wealth and prosperity. His role is to support the practitioner so that they have favorable conditions for spiritual growth. There are many practices and rituals in the Bon tradition dedicated to Dzambala. Geshe Gyatso will lead a weekend course that will focus on practicing with the Blue Dzambala.

Anyone is welcome to attend this course. The course is especially for those interested in Buddhism, but anyone can benefit from these teachings and practices.

The course will be in English with translation into Polish and Portuguese.

Program (Central European Time)
Saturday and Sunday 27-28th March


The course will be led by Geshe Gyatso. More about him here.

Suggested donation: 150 PLN or 35 euro (you can donate less or more)

Account number:
Ligmincha Poland, Al. Huberta 4, 08-470 Wilga
77 1240 5963 1111 0000 4796 7584
(the Swift code: PKOPPLPW)

You can also donate by paypal

The course will be held via Zoom
If you do not have Zoom, you can download and install it for free from

Registration for the course will be open soon.

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