We are happy to inform you that Geshe Gyatso Choekhortshang agreed to become the resident lama in Poland. From 15th March 2015 Geshe will permanently live in our Chamma Ling center in Wilga (near Warsaw) and will visit various cities in Poland regularly. Geshe will give lectures about the Bön tradition, teach meditation practices and execute rituals. He will support us and help us in our practice. Our target is to have two resident lamas in Poland.

Program of Geshe Gyatso:

1.    In Chamma Ling retreat center:
Everyday: 9.30a.m. Invocation to Yeshe Walmo, 10a.m. Sang, 8p.m. Chod.

Every Saturday (except travels of Geshe and retreats in Chamma Ling) 5-6.30p.m. meditation and rituals (healing, prosperity) – depends on the needs of participants.

Once a month one day retreat in Chamma Ling:
     - more information soon

2.    In different Polish cities:
- More information soon.

You can also order rituals from Geshe Gyatso - more information.

Geshe Yungdrung Gyatso was born in the Dolpo region in Nepal in 1980. He met his teacher, His Eminence Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak at the age of 10 and has been learning Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen in the Triten Norbutse monastery in Kathmandu since that time. He attained the Geshe title in 2008 (the highest title in the monastic education). After graduation, he went into special retreat under the supervision of his teachers. Additionally, he worked as a Medical School director and an editor of the Triten Norbutse magazine “Drepoi Beltam”. He also works on the reconstruction of the Tashi Namgyal monastery in his home region of Dolpo. Geshe visited Poland in 2013, giving teachings in Warsaw, Sopot, Gdańsk and Kraków.

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