Meals during retreat with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, 15-20.08

Please find below the menu of meals which will be available during the retreat on August 15-20. Breakfasts will be delivered by the "U Zosi" bar neighbouring the Chamma Ling centre while the "Alicja w Krainie Warzyw" vegan restaurant from Warsaw will deliver lunch and dinner meals. Breakfasts will be vegetarian, lunch and dinner will be vegan.
Please choose your meals as soon as possible. Due to the catering requirements, you can choose the full board, breakfast only or lunch and dinner only (there is no lunch only or dinner only option). Sunday is an exception as lunch will be the last meal on that day.
Please make your choice by August 9. Please understand that the people preparing meals have to be prepared properly sufficiently in advance.


Full board price (daily) – 58 PLN. Full board on Sunday (without dinner) – 38 PLN. Breakfast only - 12 PLN. Lunch and dinner – 46 PLN. Lunch only on Sunday – 26 PLN

pricing meals


Purchase is done via our online shop. Please ignore the "Delivery address" during checkout. The coupons you will receive upon arrival in our reception. 

I. ALL MEALS- 328 zł     










It's posssible to purchase only selected days. In this case please use our online shop. 




Tuesday 15.08.

Breakfast: oat flakes in coconut milk with fruit

Lunch: pepper and peas cream soup. Second course: hungarian goulash with barley groats and coleslaw

Dinner: dal with red lentils


Wednesday 16.08

Breakfast: pasta with spinach and cottage cheese

Lunch: cucumber soup. Second course: millet groats balls in dill dressing, rice and Brussels sprouts salad

Dinner: greek style vegetables


Thursday 17.08

Breakfast: rice in coconut milk with apple and cinnamon

Lunch: cauliflower soup with vegetables. Second course: soybean cutlets in gravy with buckwheat groats and a pickled cucumber and pepper salad

Dinner: curry with potatoes and cauliflower


Friday 18.08

Breakfast: pearl barley with fresh tomatoes in butter

Lunch: dill soup with noodles. Second course: celery-fish with vegetables in tomato sauce with boiled potatoes

Dinner: green lentils a la Bretonne


Saturday 19.08

Breakfast: millet groats in coconut milk with fresh and dried fruit

Lunch: red lentils and couscous cream soup. Second course: balls with potato puree and carrots with peas

Dinner: young cabbage “bigos” (sauerkraut)


Sunday 20.08

Breakfast: buckwheat with scrambled eggs in butter

Lunch: soup - carrot cream with roasted sunflower seeds. Second course: soybean cutlet with baked potatoes and fried cabbage with chickpea


You can also book your meals by mail. Please send your selection to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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