Kurs Trzech Bram trwa trzy lata 2015-2018 i będzie odbywał się w Niemczech i we Włoszech. Program przeznaczony jest dla osób znających język angielski.

Overview of the Academy Training

The Academy provides the trainee with the opportunity to engage deeply in the process of self-discovery. It is rigorous in the sense that it asks for a continual commitment to practice and self-reflection. It is at times difficult, since facing oneself can be humbling and disorienting. And it is very often joyful, since the freedom of going beyond perceived limitations and entering the expansive, abundant resource of the true self is liberating.

A great strength of the program is that it draws upon the collective power of the group for healing. The trainee participates in six residential retreats, shares experiences in monthly small group conference calls, works in a buddy system to support personal practice, and draws upon their mentor relationship for individual guidance and direction. The environment is one of complete confidentiality, ever-available support, and the intimacy that comes when people are willing to openly share their journey with each other.

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The Application Process
The Academy training begins with the application process. Applicants are asked to assess their priorities and perspectives as well as their limitations and abilities, and to reflect on challenges and influences on their path in life. The skill of open, gentle self-reflection is a quality the trainee will continue to cultivate during the Academy in order to engage the process of meditation effectively and to develop confidence in practice. Each trainee will be asked to identify emotional and mental blocks that limit openness, positive qualities, and creativity.

We encourage the applicants to give this application the time, attention, and self-transparency that it requires in order to open the door to a deeper level of self-inquiry that is the foundation of the Academy training.

The European Academy is scheduled to begin in June 2015 and is taught by John Jackson and Raven Lee. The June retreats will meet in Tuscany, Italy, and the November retreats will be held near Dusseldorf, Germany

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